whistler ski season accommodation
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Whistler Ski Season Accommodation
whistler ski season accommodation


Q: " What is there to do in Whistler other than ski and snowboard? "

A: " What isn't there to do would be a better question! "

theres a lot to do on your Whistler ski season

An awesome way to see the Whistler backcountry in its full glory. While there are several different companies to choose from, each has a similar itinerary. All tours begin with a complete snowmobile riding and safety lesson on fully automatic machines. Tours vary in length, skill and ambition level.


Need we say more? Fresh powder, fresh lines - a great way to enhance your Whistler season stay.


Did you ever want to be Tarzan (or Jane)? If so, you must go ZipTreking. Platforms built high up in the forest canopy are linked together by cables stretching over the Fitzimmons Creek. Expert guides, using specialized equipment guide you from platform to platform where you zip over the canyon at 80km/h. This tour also has an eco component where you are educated about the coastal temperate rain forest in which Whistler lies.


NEW to Whistler - Picture a bike, replace the wheels with snowblades, take off the brakes...and there you have it. It's Whistler's new favorite snow sport. If you want to try one out you can rent them through Whistler/Blackcomb on the condition that you first have a lesson.


Jump from the 160ft high bridge with spectacular Whistler scenery. Our friends at Whistler Bungy even let our guests jump strapped into their snowboards for the ultimate BIG Air experience!


If you are into working out, playing squash, swimming or ice skating, the Meadow Park Sports Center is your venue. It's a 5 minute bus ride from the village and a great place to hang out in the evenings or on a day off from riding. It's cheap, fun and the rope swing into the pool offers a safe place to finally stomp those back flips.


With all the exercise you are going to be doing, having a day at the spa isn't a bad idea. You'll come out feeling like a new person. There are plenty of spas to choose from.


Other activities include horse-drawn sleigh rides, cross-country skiing on one of the many local trails, dog sledding (something truly Canadian), snowcat skiing/boarding, ice climbing, Avalanche awareness courses, Ski / Snowboard instructiors courses, snowshoeing, fishing and ice-skating on one of Whistler's lakes. There's also plenty of shopping to choose from, including many exquisite art galleries.
whistler ski season accommodation
whistler ski season accommodation
season it accommodations whistler ski season accommodation