whistler ski season accommodation
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Whistler Ski Season Accommodation
whistler ski season accommodation

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Why book with Season It Accommodations?

Our home page says it all: "We are a professional UK registered business offering uncomparable quality and value. Our unique company profile - with both Canadian and British team members - allows us to provide our guests with unparralled guest service and local expertise. With over 20 years of local Whistler knowledge and mountain experience we are able to ensure you have the best possible season. Allow Whistler locals to give you a taste of the mountian lifestyle."

How are the chalets selected?

We select only the finest chalets in Whistler (that is, besides the 8 million dollar mansions with indoor ice arenas). How do you ask, are we able to get such fine properties? Well, while you are back in the UK working or studying, we are busy, months before the season even begins procuring properties. The high quality chalets that we are after tend to be leased only to families or professional businesses - such as ourselves. Thus, you will be living in executive accommodation that would be otherwise impossible to get your hands on.

Who will be my chalet host? What do they do?

Your chalet host will be a member of the Season It Accommodations team. He or she will be available to answer your questions, show you around town and the mountains, as well as organize any extra activities and make sure you get the msot from your season stay. Let's go snowmobiling!

Can I have my friends stay over night at the chalet?

Unfortunately, no. We are very strict on this rule. This is due to zoning bylaws and fire regulations. If you have guests coming to visit, contact us and we 'll set them up with accommodation close to your chalet.

What will the chalet cleaners be responsible for?

A professional cleaner will clean the chalet once a week in order to maintain chalet quality. The cleaners will not be responsible for your laundry, nor your dishes. Even though you will have cleaners, it is still your responsibility to treat the chalet with respect and keep it relatively clean.

Can my non-riding friends and family come do a season as well?

You bet. There is tons to do in Whistler besides ride. Although most people come to Whistler for the winter/summer sports that it has to offer, Whistler is a great town to live in - even if you don't ride - with a super laid back, friendly atmosphere. Check out our activities page under Whistler, or check out www.whistlerblackcomb.com/todo/winter/

Is Whistler expensive?

Not really. Supermarket prices tend to be cheaper here than in the UK (with the exception of a few things - such as cheese and bread). Equipment is about 10-15% cheaper too.

What are Canadians like?

Canadians have a world renowned reputation for being really nice, friendly and polite people. We've come to find, however, that this stereotype isn't't totally accurate - nice, friendly and polite is a little too dry for Canadians. We think this reputation came from comparing Canadians to Americans. Anyway.Canadians are super fun and adventurous people. They love to have a good time in general - whether that means building a booter in the backcountry, having a rip-roaring bonfire party, or dancing on the table at apres. You're sure to have a good time with them.

Is it easy to meet people?

Very. There are tons of other people in Whistler just like you. Whether you come as a group, with a friend, or on your own, you will return to the UK with friends (and places to stay) from all over the world.

What's the terrain like?

The terrain is often referred to as a natural park. There are natural hits all over the mountain, wind lips that create the effect of a quarter pipe, and the trees in the gladed runs have proved to be enough of an obstacle for some. The mountains are so huge that there's enough terrain for all ages, abilities and levels of ambition. People come to Whistler as first timers, but it also has the highest density of pros ever known to a ski resort. In other words, there's terrain for everyone.

What is the weather like?

Whistler is located in a coastal temperate rain forest. That's right - rain forest. This is why Whistler gets so much snow. Whistler has a high enough elevation and is located far enough north that most of this precipitation comes in the form of snow. So, Whistler may not be the sunniest place in the world, but it is the best place to ski in the world. Between that 30ft of snow Whistler gets annually is some of the most beautiful blue-sky days you'll ever see. Another bonus to Whistler is it's not cold. Cold enough to snow, but not cold enough to freeze you're a** off.

Will I have to be really fit to ride all season?

It's a good idea to be somewhat fit when you arrive in Whistler. This way you won't spend the first month out of breath. But don't go crazy trying to get yourself into shape before you come out either, because the first few days are going to hurt your legs no matter what. Don't worry about it too much; as long as you don't spend all your days before your departure on the couch with a bag of potato chips, you'll be fine.
whistler ski season accommodation
whistler ski season accommodation
season it accommodations whistler ski season accommodation