whistler ski season accommodation
WINTER 2012/2013
Season It Accommodations
Whistler ski season accommodation
whistler ski season accommodation
Flights to Canada
Visas for Canada
Travel Insurance for skiing in Canada
Transfers to Whistler

"On entry to Canda, Uk citizens
are entitled to a maximum
a 6 month Visitor Visa

"If you want to work though, you
will need a Working Visa, apply for one of these as early as you can

Choose to work or play. Remeber that working full time means 5 days less on the hill. What do you want from your ski season? work or play , maybe stay for a shorter time but ride all the time!
Visitors Visas

To enter Canada you will need a passport that is valid until at least six months after your scheduled departure date. It is important to note that when you pass through Canadian customs you will need to provide proof of your departure ticket. As for visas, UK citizens can enter Canada with no visa and stay for up to six months.*

Upon your booking you will be sent a letter confirming your Whistler address and length of stay with Season It Accommodations . Keep this letter in your carry-on baggage and be sure to present it to the immigration officers if need be. Immigration officers may also ask for proof of funds for your intended stay so have credit cards, cash and even a current bank statement on hand to prove you can support yourself whilst in Canada

*If you are not a UK citizen please see the Canadian High Commission web site for tourist and work visa info: www.cic.gc.ca/english/offices/missions.html

Working Visas

If you're interested in working while in Canada you will need a working Visa . It now seems anyone has a one time opportunity in the UK to get a One year working holiday Visa to Canda through BUNAC. If you are currently a student, have recently graduated or are between the ages of 18 and 35, you can also apply for oneyour best bet is to apply through British Universities North America Camp (BUNAC). BUNAC specializes in organizing work visas for young people, you can find out more info on their web site at www.BUNAC.co.uk

Apply early as the non-student visa program fills up very quickly (as does the student program)and there are limited numbers of visas available each year. Applications can be made from January, we reccommend you apply asap if you want to work in Canada.

whistler ski season accommodation
whistler ski season accommodation
season it accommodations whistler ski season accommodation